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I hate having money... No, ok I like having money but when I do I just go totally mad on food, today for example I was not even hungry and I still binged:
2x Apricot and almond bars (243 cals, I think and the rest I don't want to know)
1x Ham filled roll with apricot chukney
1x Lemon Tart
1x Pineapple muffin
1x Sparkling Blackcurrent Drink
about 6 french fries
possibly an apple later, if I have to.
Although did manage to skip dinner :)
And I still have not purged, It makes me discusted in myself(although, thinks have been going throuh pretty fast, if you know what I mean. I think it is all the gum I am eatting, Cheap Laxitives, :)

And I did not have a full day of classes. Technique was pretty sweaty, but we are making a new work so we didn't have ballet. Must do better tomorrow.

It so does not help that I am so sore and tired that I don't want to move at all. The fact that I don't want to dance is making me feel fat, let alone food.
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unless you are like really talll, well you are eating way too much. if I eat too much i throw up my food but its better not to eat it in the first place. if you have any questions or need any support please message ME. if not then........